How to get rid of the tab tool tip.


The tab tool tip jumps out every time, how to get rid of it? 

MS Edge Version 90.0.818.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


Oh, I found the solution here.

But, if I disable it, I won't get tab previews in other tabs. If I use enable B or C, the tab tooltips jumps out every few minutes. So, it is not exactly a solution. If anyone else has another, better solution, I'd be glad to know. :)

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Two weeks in a row the flag for Tab hover over has been turned On.
Last week I shut it Off and all was fine until today.
It's Off again and now I can't even find the flag for it
This is seeming to correspond with Windows 10 Dev build day oddly.
Has this Flag been removed??
Was there last week, it isn't there anymore on .823.
happy I found this... my hover cards are persisting - even on top of other windows when I minimize edge.

Is there anyone on the Edge Team who can give us an answer about this?
Will the flag for tab hover over options be coming back??

In the meantime I got advised of a workaround:

Go into Flags and find Temporarily unexpire M90 flags. Then restart Edge

and the flag for Tab Hover Over will be back!!!!