How to fix “We need confirm it's you, ..., please sign-in again” without lost data?

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I have an account that does not support sync, but the browser show a login button next to avatar, and it says "We need confirm it's you, ..., please sign-in again to sync", this is not exact text shown to me because i don't use English in my browser.


But, the sync button did not respond to me, and no sign-out button available for that profile, only delete profile was there, and i can't delete it because this account's data did not sync at all.


I have report this using the feedback, but is there any tricks to fix this before MS take action?

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depending on which channel you use, you could go to your user directory location and copy your profile folder to a safe location.

you can find it by entering this into the browser address bar: edge://version/

and then look for the "Profile path:"

@HotCakeX Ok, I forget this... But i hope someone will fix this, i did exactly same thing in early build to fix damaged browser setting

@HotCakeX Nope, this did not work.


It will show "This account did not support sync" in the past, now it says "We can't sync to your account since we need to confirm that it's you. Please sign in again to verify your account." after login, did a fresh install also did not work.

I could see "EDGE_AUTH_ERROR: 3, 13, 0" in edge://sync-internals



This account was managed by O365 Business Premium which does not support Active Directory Premium, so it did not support sync but should able to login.

@HotCakeX I've found an much easier way to fix that issue. Just create a new browser profile and try to sign in with your credentials from it. After successful sign-in it will give you an error that you already have a profile associated with that account. At that moment the syncing should be working and you can safely remove the dummy browser profile that you've just created. :)


it works, you have to sign out from your original profile first, than create duplicate, restart pc, login to duplicate.. if everithing ok, delete original one

ok, iam taking it back, it helps only for 4 days, today it is back