How to Export/Access Synced Browser Data

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Does anyone know how to access the synced data for an Edge profile?


I've been trying to find the Microsoft equivalent of Google's and/or which are tools that you search/export all your data synced to a Google account, including the data stored in Chrome like history/bookmarks/etc.



Export options for Chrome browser data synced to a Google account


With Edge browser, you can login with a Microsoft account which enables syncing of data across devices, but I'm trying to find where I can access that data online. So far, I haven't found anything similar to these Google tools on Microsoft's account management site and although I've heard of Microsoft Graph as a way of accessing MS user data, I can't find anything there related to Edge browser data.


Any advice?



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edge://settings/profiles is where for me, without synchronization (!), the opposite of import leads: edge://settings/importData would be opposed by edge://settings/exportData
or edge://settings/profiles/sync (an empty page for me without synchronization).