How to enable search sidebar in Anaheim?


Is the search sidebar feature enabled in Anaheim for all the user. I am not getting it and want to use it for some research purpose.

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if by sidebar you mean the Collections,
1. it's Not available in Edge stable version 79
2. it's available in Edge Beta 80 behind a flag.
3. it's available in Edge Dev 81 behind a flag.
4. it's available and Enabled by default in Edge canary 81, without flags.


and the flag I am referring to is called: Experimental Collection feature

you will find it in edge://flags/

@HotCakeX  Thanks for your reply but I am not looking for the collection feature . I am aware of the collection feature , I am looking for search sidebar specifically . It's like you can perform bing search in sidebar.

Oh, in that case it's not implemented yet. Edge, neither of the channels, have a sidebar at the moment.