How to enable http3?

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How to enable http3, on Windows 109043?

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I'm not sure, but maybe enabling the QUIC protocol flag, in edge://flags/




It seems that quic is different from http3. But quic it similar with http3.
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in this article it says:
As of April 2021, the HTTP/3 protocol is an Internet Draft and has multiple implementations. Google Chrome supports HTTP/3 by default since April 2020 (including Chrome for Android, as well as Microsoft Edge, which is based on it).




According to the cloudlfare(,Chrome's HTTP/3 support is not typically enabled by default. Therefore it's best to explicitly enable it by launching with the flags --enable-quic --quic-version=h3-29.
However, this commond doesn't work on edge.
Well, now it's just 2 different links with 2 different statements.
Can't say whether cloudflare is right or wikipedia. maybe one of them is not up to date.

either way, browser support is only one part, the website and its web server should support it as well.

Thank you. I will try with my own http3 website.

Yw and Good luck :)