How to disable coupon suggestions as website owner?

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We would like to prevent Edge suggesting and autofilling coupons on our website. Presumably there is a meta tag or something similar we need to add to the site that indicates we are opting out of the coupons functionality. But I can't find any documentation on this, just a few other people complaining about the same issue?

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As I understand it, you can make this request by email at email address removed for privacy reasons

Hi, we would like remove coupon suggestions as website owner what is email address?

Our site isARKET - 공식 온라인 스토어 KR

and currently 4 coupons are suggested by automatically but all of these are not applicable.

we don't want any coupons are exposure due to several reasons. because some coupons are only applied for VIP(maybe conflict with privacy issue) & only for global site.