How to Convince Firefox user to Switch to Microsoft Edge?

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There are users who are using Firefox as their default browser. Let say we want to convince them to switch to Microsoft Edge. How will you do that?

To answer this question , we need to look into favorite features of Firefox for their users and see if there is any similar or even better feature in Microsoft Edge, talk them about it. 

In case, there is feature in Firefox which is good but is not available in Microsoft Edge, that would be a good feedback.

This would be interesting discussion.

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@Reza_Ameri-Archived For example

1) I can edit theme using Firefox Color, but I cannot change colors in new Edge. 

2) Built-in screenshot tool!

@Reza_Ameri-Archived To be fair, I’d be using Firefox if web compatibility, scrolling and battery life weren’t much inferior to Edge, not to mention we’ve lost Tab Set Aside (-1).


Firefox would currently offer me superior font rendering that is similar to legacy Edge, a fully-fledged favourites manager (with sorting, tagging, etc), containers and essentially endless customisation.

@altean 2) There is actually one hidden in Edge. To find it, press Ctrl+Shift+I followed by Ctrl+Shift+P and type ‘screenshot’. The screenshots are saved to your download folder.

Thank you for your valuable inputs.

Make sure sure share missing features in Feedback option inside Microsoft Edge.

Some of them are already known to Microsoft Edge team and they are being investigated and discussed, you may see discussions in this forum.

With your help , Microsoft Edge could become the best browser in the planet.


Well, we have already beat it to death here in the forum, and it falls on deaf ears. The BIG missing for Edge vs Firefox is Containers. Yes, we have heard the song and dance about profile switching, but that is not even in the same league as Firefox containers when it comes to simplicity, convenience, usability, etc. I, and others, have stated that the lack of containers in Edge is the one and only reason that we keep Firefox loaded on our computers.

@TrafGib thank you for participating in this discussion.

I have to be disagree in case you mention deaf ears.

From my experience , Microsoft Edge will read and review all comments and feedbacks, but they have to adhere with certain regulations, design, policy and the goal is not to copy everything from Firefox or have all features from Firefox in Microsoft Edge, but it is to understand user requirements priorities them and consider them for future release.

By “deaf ears” I mean here on this forum. There are multiple posts, from an array of users, requesting containers be considered for Edge. If you can show me a single example of such where one of the official Microsoft mods here has responded, I will gladly retract my gear ears statement. Again, offering up profile switching is not an acceptable substitute for containers.


In case you look at top of this forum, you will see list of idea and suggestions where are in progress to add into Microsoft Edge or they already added and they are based on analyzing user feedbacks.

Look into discussion from Microsoft Edge team where they ask this is upcoming feature and do you need any improvements?

May be what you discussed is not critical and strategic at the moment but Microsoft Edge will definitely look into every piece of feedback but they have to priorities it and add resources to it and therefore they go with the most critical ones first. 

@altean Both are addressed in Edge 88 now, I hope you're happy.

1) Can be enabled by heading over to edge://settings/appearance and checking if there is a custom theme option.
2) Can be taken by right-clicking, then click "Web Capture."