How to Change Background of Startup Page?


I would like to know if there's any way using which I can change the background of the Startup page when inspirational and informational layout is selected


start page.png


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Hey @vineydhiman, - i tried all the options in settings and could not find it. So my current answer would be - "looks like there is no way to do it today". I would encourage you to use the "Smiley" to send feedback if you would like to see this ability in future releases.


I've never used Edge prior to the Chromium release. The biggest reason, it never had a customizeable start page. Now with all these available extensions, I ditched Chrome in a day and brought my favorite extensions with me. FVD Speed Dial might satisfy you too.


FVD Speed Dial In Edge CanaryFVD Speed Dial In Edge Canary




Wow that extension is really cool, I'm playing around with it.  Do you know if you can change the Bing search to Google?  I didn't see any options for that in settings.  The only thing missing, other than customizable search, is some kind of News feed.  I'm really digging the customizable backgrounds which get me away from Microsoft's blinding white backgrounds. 


Thank you!  @SD777 


Sorry on the late reply.  Canary appears to have Google now as a choice.  Otherwise you can add it yourself.




there are so many awesome extensions in chrome webstore, you should try them....I personally use "Humble new tab". B'coz it helps me to manage my tonnes of bookmarks in an awesome way and is highly customisable.

@missionary  I have this set, but you are still forced to use Bing as search provider on the new tab page.  Entering anything into the address bar uses Google of course, but the search engine on the new tab page itself is Bing. Would love to see an option to change that to Google.