How to always allow specific external protocols

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Since the new update (I have  Version 82.0.439.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit) ), the solution from here doesn't work anymore.


I checked my Preferences file in AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default and the exclusion rule is still there ("protocol_handler":{"excluded_schemes":{"vscode":false,"zotero":false}} ) , but each time I open one of the specified protocol, I am asked to confirm that I want to open it.


How to fix this ?



I have set ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox policy to true

I have enable edge://flags/#edge-exclude-schemes-per-origin

I have edit my preferences files as I describe here :


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Did you ever find a solution? We would like to configure this for all of our users for Teams, Zoom, and other protocols.

@Daniel Ratliff I haven't found a solution yet. 

@07_19 the AutoLaunchProtocolsFromOrigins  policy works for me. Just tested it on Windows 10 VM + Edge - Version 87.0.664.75 (Official build) (64-bit) and Version 87.0.4280.141 (Official Build) (64-bit), details refer to and 


for firefox, open firefox - about:config page, and set option - security.external_protocol_requires_permission to false, the default value is true. After set it as false, the "Always Allow..." dialog will not show up. While, did not find a way to configure a specific site yet. I am wondering if there is a similar way to set a url list on Firefox, just like Edge / Chrome does. 


Thanks for this, it seems to work. At least I don't have the first pop up for vscode, but I still have the "This is trying to open Zotero A website wants to open this application" pop up. 

here is what I did:

● open regedit

● create a new key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge

● under this new key, I created a new string : 

- value = AutoLaunchProtocolsFromOrigins

- data = [{ "allowed_origins": [ "*" ], "protocol": "file" }, { "allowed_origins": [ "*" ], "protocol": "zotero" }]


I didn't have to restart my computer.



@JasonDo2008This was super helpful! Thanks for the links!


Just wanted to add a couple things from my own experience getting it set up.


First, if you're testing by just typing "myhandler:action" in the location bar… don't. It *always* shows the dialog when you do it that way. You have to test it as an actual link in an HTML page.


Secondly, with regards to testing it in an HTML page, if you're using Bootstrap buttons, for whatever reason, putting it in the OnClick area for the button won't do anything, while putting it in the href area works correctly.


Hope this helps others!