How to access extension review report ?

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My extension has been rejected during review but i don't find any way to understand why. In the developer dashboard, the link "Download review report" just downloads a useless html file with no content. I get the same behaviour using Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Is it a known bug ? Do you know any other way to access the reason of the review rejection ?

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What am i supposed to do with this review report ?

  "CorrelationId": "a7063d4c-3352-479b-af66-2a60e90ab448",
  "CorrelationVector": "+caU7wzRTEefkw2+.0",
  "Time": "20 Jul 2023 09:02:04 +00:00",
  "Status": "Unauthorized"

We have ~650,000 users waiting for this add-on update. Is there a way to contact extension support ? I don't get answers from the ext_dev_support email address.


@migvdh Did you get any update? i am also facing the same problem. 


Also try raising a ticket her: New support request (


I am waiting for their response.