How often the sync is triggered?

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I want to know what the sync intervals are and how often browser syncs user data. also whether or not the sync intervals are different between personal and work account profiles.


I also would like to make a suggestion to Implement a button to force sync, a button like "sync now" so when user needs a quick sync between different computers, they wouldn't have to wait so long. this button is available on the Edge for Android.



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I am also very interested to know more details about the frequency of sync.


I find it shockingly unreliable. If, for example, I delete a favourite from my browser at the office computer, then a few hours later when I arrive home, I find nothing has syned. I find that this unreliability ultimately contributes to a traffic jam where things just end up being over-written and lost.


I currently find myself in a situation where sync seems to have completely broken and I can't get it working again. In an effort to stabilize and 'reset' the syncing conflicts, I have turned off and signed out of all browsers, then re-enabled sync on only one browser. Though this has had no effect.


I don't know if I'm just working too fast for Sync to keep up, or what's going on. But perhaps if I better understand the Sync service, I can work within its limitations.

Looks like there was a post from @josh_bodner this past thursday (Nov 14) confirming there are issues with the Sync service.

I also don't rely on Edge insider sync because it's a risk to lose data
Yes. A button should be very handy whenever we want to manually sync data from all devices.