How much useful are our feedbacks when sent from Windows insider?

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I need to know if the Edge team even consider the feedbacks coming from people who are running Windows insider.

maybe the Edge team only read and accept feedbacks from people running released Windows OS and don't do anything about insider feedbacks? because Windows insider can be new and it can have its own set of features and issues that might sometimes collide with Edge Insider problems. i myself hope it's not the case because i don't want to find out my feedbacks have been all in vain.


so a little clarification on this subject is highly appreciated. 


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No, it does not matter insider or not. I'm an insider as well, and I've gotten replies to feedback I've sent in from the little smiley dude sayin thank you for your help, we've been able to fix a problem you send feedback on.. etc....... So yeah, they do read it and act on them.....

They are mostly auto-generated messages. I've gotten mixed signals from this forum. some people, maybe even "posing" as Edge devs saying that since the problem is related to Windows insider, they won't do anything about it, they talk like they are part of the Edge team yet their newly created profile is missing the blue color for Microsoft employees.
so i rather wait for an official response on this
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@HotCakeX We absolutely want feedback from you on the New Edge browser no matter what OS you are running. I think it makes the most sense to file that feedback directly from the browser itself and include a comment that you are on an insider build. If you file Edge feedback through the Feedback Hub, it's likely to get routed to the old Edge feedback channel, which is lower priority than new edge and you may find that the engineers are not as responsive as they are here.

I've never created a single feedback for the new Edge insider in Feedback hub app.
this is useful: to include a comment saying that i'm on insider build when sending feedback from the smiley button on the Edge insider. will keep that in mind.