How is the controlled rollout going to work?

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How is the controlled rollout going to work? My understanding is that despite getting released january 15th, apparently consumers won't get it until the spring. Will it be possible to install it manually to get it early if you wish to? Similar to how you don't have to wait for the next windows 10 release you can just download the update assistant.

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when the stable version of Edge browser will be released in January 15th, it will be publicly available as a standalone software in here:
so you will be able to download the Installer and install it on any of your computer without the need for Windows update or waiting for the next version of Windows 10 to be released.
Edge browser's installer is now separate from the operation system.
so installing Edge insider browser is now just like installing Google chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on.

at a later date, once the browser has more features, it will be integrated into the OS too to replace the Edge classic.

Controlled feature roll-out mostly applies to experimental versions of Edge insider.
you can read more about it in this article: