How is Smart Copy able to capture both screenshot and meta data at the same time with only 1 copy?


I'm trying this on Edge Version 89.0.722.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


I use Smart Copy to capture a part of a web page, then I paste it into Notepad and I get meta data like texts. then without copying anything else to the clipboard, I open up Paint 3D and do another paste there, this time I get the picture of that part of the web page I captured using Smart Copy!


how is this even possible? 1 copy task and 2 different outputs?


when I use Smart Copy and then press Win + V to view the clipboard, I only see text, not picture, but after pressing Ctrl + V in Paint 3D i get the picture and after pressing Ctrl + V in Notepad I get text.


I'm not complaining though, this is actually very brilliant and smart.

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@HotCakeX Even I had this question once, I got the same results earlier. I guess it is determining automatically the target paste location and implementing the pasted results accordingly, just like how we do it manually in Word (Paste as picture). Their algorithms for Smart copy are very smart xD

Kudos to the team!

what's interesting is that in Excel, if you want to paste a table as a picture, you need to copy it as picture first.
I'll try it on Word soon :)

Remember one thing though, you can not paste pictures in Notepad. It is ascii coding and therefore paste anything into notepad will change it into ascii coding unless it is text. Take any picture from any place you like and try to copy it into notepad and see the results... So smart copy will not post anything as a picture into notepad as notepad cannot handle it.. But you should be able to in word and other word type software.


I know you can't paste picture into Notepad, but Smart copy doesn't copy both picture and text at the same time to the clipboard, if it did when I pasted in Word that accepts both text and picture i should see them.
hhhhmmm, I would have thought it would. Interesting, I will have to do some messing around with it.. I haven't tried it yet, but now I'm curious...