How does Edge determine which PWA is not important to the user for auto browser restart?

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Enable PWAs to automatically restart to apply a pending browser update.

When a browser update is pending and only PWAs are running, this feature will restart PWAs to apply the update if they are considered not important to the user.  Mac, Windows



Flag exists in Edge Version 88.0.692.0 (Dev) and 86.0.622.68 (stable)


How does Edge determine which open PWA is not important to the user? based on usage? inactivity at that moment? or other heuristic behavior analyzing?


and the default value is as always unknown, not showing whether this is enabled or disabled, by default.

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@HotCakeX we are experimenting with "not important", but in a rough sense, if the PWA is in the background and is not actively playing music. We cannot allow PWAs to block updates to the browser for long periods of time, but just restarting all of your PWAs without warning can be a jarring experience, so we are working through different approaches.