How do you use the current "Add notes" functionality in Microsoft Edge?


Many of the insiders mentioned that they would like to see the "Add notes" functionality in the new browser and they use it often on current Microsoft Edge. We would like to understand the senarios in which you use (or would like to use) this functionality. Your inputs will help us make it better for the users.

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  • While trying to send a webpage with some personalized input
  • Trying to save the data for later and use those notes once I come back to the page
  • Trying to highlight insights from an infographic which has a lot of data 

@vygadeka I don't save my notes, but I occasionally take a screenshot of the web page to mark it up.  then I'd save that image to the clipboard to post it



One of the main reasons I have been using Edge over Chrome is the "Add Notes" functionality. (Apart from the fact it seemed to load quicker....)

However the Edge Insider to date does not have this option, and it would be a tremendous loss if it is released without it.


I work as IT developer and at free time I'm Photograph amateur.

I'm using a large tablet (wacom 16") ; I use stylus intensively.


Before edge's webnotes I do the same with OneNote (print the webpage to oneNote as 'background picture' and then annotate with stylus under OneNote.)

It's a smart bookmark system ; the link + the visual 'personal' info


I use it 

-in all web activities, if I want to comment the page, I use it instead ink capture/save as picture ; the advantage vs screen capture /ink is the vertical scroll and annotation capabilities over the complete page + save & share.


-at webapp documentation, I use it to annotate the webpage with handwriting notes ; handwriting over 'computer' information are really good emphasize method.

- in webpage development steps, I use the webnote to notify issue, enhancement, request. and share it to my dev team. 


edge'webnotes can be a smart/enhanced bookmark system : the link + personal info. 

@vygadeka all the previous features of inking and note taking should be supported...


It is helpful where we want to markup something on a page and want to share with someone, or maybe jot down something on a page for our use itself...


Windows Snip & Sketch meets many of my needs.  However, one thing I do a lot is mark up multi-screen web pages with notes and highlighting. 


One very simple example would be a recipie - most of which, between the ingredient list and the instructions, span several screens:  I highlight with colour coding throughout the recipie before making it, and then makes notes for future reference (alternative ingredients, timing, things to watch out for, who liked/didn't like).  





  • When working with many rows of data (lots of scrolling) I like to highlight and make notes with a stylus.

During screen-sharing to highlight & draw important text & numbers.