How do you translate web page from English?

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How do I pick a language to translate to, not my "home" language? For example, I have Edge using English as its base language, and mostly if I want a translation, I want it translated into English. But say I want to see how a page translates into French from English. So I want to force a new translation. So far even if I add "French" as a new language, I cant right click and request that translation...

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Hello, maybe this could help you...

Translator For Microsoft Edge


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Alternatively, you can also use the classic Bing Microsoft Translator :)

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The method you yourself found is the solution. so just go to Edge settings:



add your language and check this box:




@HotCakeX I believe the asker's question was regarding translating a page *from* english *into* another language, not the other way around. This is also a problem I'm having.

I've attached two images demonstrating how the "Offer to translate" option is greyed out for English.

@Dave Belcher @HotCakeX Ok, I guess I've figured it: To be able to translate pages from English into another language you need to remove English from your preferred languagens in Preferences>Languages. Since Edge runs on the system language (at least on MacOS), it will continue to run in English even thou it's not listed.

Translator for Edge is already active on the browser by default. And since the intention is to translate a whole page I don't think the bing translator is really an optimal solution.