How do I turn off "Always open files of this type" in Edge Chromium?

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I accidentally selected "Always open files for this type" for ".pdf" file extensions, and then pdf files are always opened whenever I download them without asking me to select a path. BTW I have checked the options in edge://settings/downloads and that doesn't work. Can anyone help me?


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Hello there, welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community!

To change the default application of a file extension, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Apps > default apps > choose default applications by file type and then search for ".pdf", tap on edge and then change the application for pdf viewing.

The menu when application name is clicked shows name of the applications which support .pdf extensionThe menu when application name is clicked shows name of the applications which support .pdf extension

This is general for changing any default application of an extension.


Thank you for your reply.

But my question doesn't involve the default application in Win10 settings. The problem is just about the Edge Chromium download settings. 

To reproduce:

1. Download a file.

2. Right click on the file in the download bar below and select "Always open files of this type".

3. Close the download bar or just close the entire Edge browser.

4. Re-download a file with the same extension.

5. You will see the file is opened as soon as download finished, and I can't find any option to turn it off.


@happyTonakai Great news, we're looking to add a functionality for this! I'll try to loop back and let you know if/when it's added, but feel free to periodically check your edge://settings/downloads page for it (especially if you're running Dev or Canary.)


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@Deleted Hi,


Can we set this using GPO? So users won't have to do it?

@Michal1984 Great question. The team has actually been actively discussing possible GPO scenarios for this.


There are some confounding factors that the team has to investigate further first, such as the potentially significant security impact of setting files to open automatically. So while I can't give you any firm promises at this point, I can confirm that this is top-of-mind for us.


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Thanks for your feedback! In version 85.0.534 I am seeing an option to clear the setting to "Always open files of this type". We expect versions including and after 83.0.478.37 to have this change. This shows up in edge://settings/downloads



1) Select any pdf file

2) Right-click on it, then click on open with...

3) select "choose another app"

4) Then select the app that you want to open the files with and select the option that says " always open .pdf files with this.

@happyTonakai rrrright and if one do NOT get that option ?

all I have is save, open or cancel


I bet Mircosoft did it again: remove something very useful in the name of their PARANOIA "policy" or other BULLSlT alike !

Open a new tab. Goto: 

Turn off the auto open option there.