How do I run default pdf viewer not "pdf.js"?

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I like the default pdf viewer, it's so useful and fast...
By the way, I have found that pdf file opened by pdf.js, not default built-in viewer.
What happened to the Edge browser?
How do I launch the default pdf viewer instead of 'pdf.js'?


Always thank you for your hard work.
I can enjoy the web thanks to you.
I hope you have a nice day.

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I found a cause of this issue, it cause from setting value on browser extension.


I used 'Mouse Tooltip Translator' that is translate text on screen. This extension has been updated and added a new function to read pdf text to translate, this feature ocurred the issue.


If your browser open the pdf file with pdfjs instead of Edge pdf viewer mode, check settings of browser extension and release the value which 'detect on PDF'.

Thanks for the update on what was causing this, glad to hear you found the cause! I'll note what extension did this and how it behaved in case other people come in reporting this behavior =)