How do i get Edge to trust our internal Certificate Authority

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Is there any way to get edge to stop flagging our internal certs as non trusted ? Pkiview.msc shows that there are no problems with the CA windows shows the cert is trusted.


Yet edge marks it as invalid. If the cert is verified up to a trusted root CA it should be valid in edge just like it is in internet explorer.

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@Raymond Preston 


Are you still seeing this behavior in Edge?




@v-gapart Yes, On the latest version im still having every single cert signed by our internal CA marked as invalid by edge




When i click on the button there it brings up the Windows Certificate Dialog which shows the certificate is fine 




Nothing crazy with the cert either its a Windows CA issued cert 


v3 Template
RSA 4096


Looks fine in internet explorer.

I think it would be nice to have a list of urls that can ignore the certificate trust check.