How do I export the bookmarks/favorites from the NEW MS Edge? (relaeased Sept 2020)

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Am I missing something???    The New MS Edge does not seem to have an 'export' option for the favorites/bookmarks.    Does anyone have information on how to export them?   I've looked around but have not seen anything yet.   If I find the option I will post the solutions.


Many thanks in advance for any help!   


Note: This is not regarding the old EDGE, but rather, the new EDGE made available Sept 2020.
          Version 85.0.564.44 (Official build) (64-bit)

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@Phil26 The 3 dot ellipsis menu next to "Add folder".

Many many thanks @Oldschool2085    That one got by me completely.   Nice to know 'someone' is up on things!    :)