How can I disable "Discover"`?

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- I can't disable it in the sidebar

- I can't remove the icon from the search-/icon bar.

- I can't remove it from the symbol bar

- I can't find any setting for this

So, how I can remove/disable "Discover"?  (The purple +, with a small yellow +)?

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They seem intent on pushing us back to Chrome :-(.
And today on Dev 111.0.1633.0 not only can I still not remove this ridiculous button (that's where the menu ellipses has always been no less - very classy, that), now I have a battery button show up. Because for some reason that's what I need in addition the battery icon that's already part of the OS :(




add this argument in the Edge shortcut:


@Spelunky Any tips how to do this on macOS?


As for the feature itself, it seems like it could be interesting, but the point the button is placed exactly where the ... menu would be normally feels like an incredibly dark pattern choice.

(top is current Dev build, bottom is normal build)

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 08.33.42.png


In my opinion this button is very out of place, and even hovering on it will bring up the sidebar. We compromised to the extension button issue, and now we have this. I haven't been this frustrated with Edge for a while.

--disable-features flag will work for now if Edge is explicitly launched with that flag. However, there are many scenarios where the browser is launched by 3rd party apps that won't pass the flag. And it can be removed at any time.
Ugh... why did you add something that you gave zero options to configure.... Allow us the option to disable/remove please.

off topic

How do you get the rounded corner, top right (and the color border vertically)?
I don't have this border and the color vertically



EDIT : ok, on MAC I guess