HonKong mandatory for update

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I want to know why when we block all ip from honkong, edge become unable to update itself (i have tried 6 time to 3 different version).


When i forbit my network to access to : Australia, Bélarus, China, Hong Long, Irak, Iran, Russia, and Turquie and start my laptop (who havent been connected at least during 2 hours).


When i go to help page after a veeeery long time it tell me i don't have internet (but everything work only the update tell me i don't have internet).


After that if i unlock honkong, 3 seconds later the update work again.


PS1 : it's a repost since a user flood my legitimate question with off topic answer so i want here only constructive answer all off topic answer will be reported to moderator.


PS2 : The Geo-locking is decided on my network (and entreprise level) so it cannot be unlocked since decided by (for my entreprise) my entreprise, and i have locked it in my home to have the very same rules (for bug reproducing)


Thanks for any help.

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Replying with the answers I was given on the other thread. 

I've forwarded your ask to the product team and decided this question would get the most support on our Insiders Support page.  Keep in mind, the Microsoft Tech Community is a place for discussion, rather than Microsoft Technical Support.

thanks, actually i'm not sure if it's a bug or a normal function of the software it's why i have posted it on discussion first but i will ask on insider as asked thanks