History wishes:➀Site-Partitioning➁Filtering➂FolderPath View➃exportable


When above yet available, softcopy of Windows 10 Edge is what I need to:

  1. select certain sites such as http://xyz.global.abc.com/Shared)
  2. extract folder path when History View shows only url; I am extracting it from address bar
  3. filter out items incurred by multi-tasking to open un-related Webpages (Viewer not yet capable of filtering)
  4. keep record  longer than 90 days (current max capacity of Edge)
  5. accidental clearing of history

Reason for above is to print, then assemble huge process tree of Sharepoint documents (Flowcharts) with external links. I need to trace where I clicked on for each webpage.

Otherwise, for each webpage, other than tagging, I have to

  1. copy link from address bar
  2. extract folder path from link
  3. append into a Log file every day.


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