History popup positioning problems


Bringing this up because I haven't seen anyone else mention it.  I've reported the issue via feedback already.


On MacOS, the history popup launches partially off-screen on the right hand side the first time it's launched.  If you close the popup then open it again, it opens in the correct position, and all subsequent launches remain in correct position until the browser is restarted.


On Windows, the history popup initially launches on the left side of the window, then flies over to the correct position on the right side (no additional interaction required).  As with the MacOS issue, subsequent launches will not encounter this issue until the browser is restarted.


This issue happens on both Stable (88.0.705.74) and Dev (90.0.803.0) 64 bit builds and has been happening for at least 4 months, maybe longer.

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4 months is a long time, during this time, changing my Windows (insider and stable) a couple of times and reinstalled Edge stable and canary (all those versions you mentioned included), never the flyouts, any of them, appeared in other places.

so my point is, there could be something wrong on your end that's not related to Edge, maybe a display issue, like driver, or your OS is not up to date (Windows 10 version/build) and/or the installation is corrupted (needs a full uninstall, delete user data when asked during uninstall).

@HotCakeX I thought so too, except this is happening on 3 machines (2 Windows 10 machines, and 1 MacOS machine), with different hardware on each.  And with 2 different accounts (1 for the Windows machines and 1 for the MacOS machine).

Running latest Windows 10, but not latest MacOS (Catalina, not Big Sur).


I guess it's possible there's some extension that's on all 3 machines that's maybe the culprit...

Have you fully uninstalled Edge on any of them?
Have you clean reinstalled OS on any of them?

you might be applying the same settings and config on all of them. try Edge on a new machine or even virtual machine, then check if you still see this behavior.
Thanks for reporting this. We've been trying to work on a fix for this issue. Out of curiosity, do you have multiple monitors at different resolutions? Also, do you have history permanently shown on the toolbar? What happens if you select "Hide from toolbar?"

@William Devereux On the MacOS I sometimes have a second monitor, but the popup displacement happens even with just the built-in Macbook display and no second monitor.  On the Windows machines there is always only 1 monitor.  When I do have the second monitor plugged into the Macbook, the displacement occurs regardless of which monitor Edge is on.


If it helps, the resolutions are

2880x1800 (Macbook primary display)

2560x1440 (Occasional 2nd Macbook display)

1920x1080 (Windows 10)

1680x1050 (other Windows 10 machine)


History is hidden from the toolbar.  I had no idea until you asked that it could be added to the toolbar.  Once I added it, the issue seemed to stop for both Windows and MacOS.

Interesting, well I had it always added on the toolbar, maybe that's why I didn't experience that problem.
I might remove it from toolbar for a while to test see if i can reproduce your problem.
Chiming in that i've been having the same issue for several months as well. I've sent feedback about it too, but never gotten a response. Only happens on a macOS machine I have, my laptop. Never experienced this issue on my windows PC.