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I was looking for recently closed tab and found out that it's gone. Now there's a new history button and card?[1] in place of the old history tab. 




In my opinion, this is quite well but this make it a bit harder for me to find recently closed tab. 


PS: [1] I had no idea what this new interface called, would anyone kindly tell me what's the name of this new interface? 

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@Limyx826 "Recently closed" is next to "All."
Yes, so what is it?

@Limyx826 hello is not gone, you can open session via menu bar or use edge://history/all or use extension button for the old panel. 

PS: i already reported this conflict to edge devs, they do the same like with bookmarks.

@edgesuggestions Sorry, I not really understand what you're trying to said. "Hello is not gone", what does that mean? 


If you mean open the history page as a tab, there's such option within the card. 




@Limyx826 i mean that you can use the menu bar here


= history (in english)


PS: now there aren't any sessions, but you see session here too. i saw sessions on the toolbar button last time too.



this option is gone (on the bottom of history menu bar, used to access history panel), because now they open history toolbar button

@edgesuggestions I see what you mean now with screenshots. Since yours version is Mac and mine is Windows, that causes some confusion.
@Limyx826 This is my alias account.

"Recently closed" shows all the recently closed tabs.