History & Open Tabs; This is just a test, for the next 60 sec......

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Testing on Canary has begun.. 

History Open Tabs 2020-10-28 120330.jpg

And in your History list this is where the open tabs would show...

History & Open Tabs-2 2020-10-28 121334.jpg

This is more than likely a rollout feature, so everyone pls be patient... I just seen it today.... 


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@Dennis5mile This is great, we are certainly in for a treat! :)

They mentioned only available in U.S at first

and since 1-2 days ago, testing it with EU IP, it's available :)

@HotCakeX I have it available on an India IP as well...

Looks like they have expanded the test to other regions.

That's good news! it's been working well so far on Dev.