High CPU usage & Sleeping tabs

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Version 89.0.707.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
Two Profiles - Work & Personal (18tabs, 50tabs)
2 Extensions
I have recently noticed very high CPU usage by Edge (90%-100%) for couple of minutes every time the application starts then goes back to its normal CPU consumption. Never been an issue before and nothing unusual or in particular that would spike the CPU to this level.  I have noticed this behaviour since updating maybe two revision back.
Also, are there any known issues with Sleeping tabs. Again never been an issue however recent updates seems to have made the sleeping tab non functional - The tabs that are not being used do not fade to show they have been put to sleep.
I understand the number of tabs however, as mentioned, this has never been an issue before & only noticed the impact since recent updates.
I have disabled extensions etc & waited for further updates just in case a known bug but to no avail.
Any help would be appreciated
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@Raid22 Please press Alt+Shift+I, as this is trying to be fixed but failing. Also, there are no known issues with sleeping tabs.
I use sleeping tabs on Edge canary too, never seen that symptom on my system. I open lots of tabs and sleeping tabs timeout is set to 5mins.
if you can replicate it next time before it happens, press the feedback button on Edge, go to attachments, recreate my problem and hit the record button, let Edge max out CPU usage and go down, then stop recording and send it, hopefully it will capture enough data and diagnostics to help them fix the issue.