High Contrast/Dark mode for webpages


Google Chrome has an extension for smart inversion and high contrast which adjusts websites. 
The legacy Edge used to do this as a part of system wide high contrast in Windows, and I wondered if this might come to the new Edge, especially since Microsoft pioneered dark mode so well and has honed it for many years.

I used the system wide high contrast shortcut (Alt+LShift+PrintScreen) many times for reading outdoors or when I wanted to conserve my battery and run lower brightness indoors. I still use the legacy edge for this, since the Chrome extension isn't perfect and seems to make webpages load far slower.

Any plans to introduce this? 

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Sounds good,


Edge insider has a flag to force dark mode on web pages that don't support it

All the info here:


I think eventually it's supposed to come out of experimental flags and become a proper option in the settings.



based on the theme you set in Edge insider settings, websites show their dark/light version to you automatically. edge://settings/appearance


example websites:




That's good news! But I really hope they get it right by the time the stable release is out, so as to differentiate them from the competition.

My question has more to do with system-wide high contrast though: it's obvious that most websites won't build high contrast themes, and dark mode isn't always high contrast.
Essentially, I want the new edge to do what the original did when using system-wide high contrast. They've already done the same with the borders and tabs.



oh so you are referring to these Windows settings




once i enabled that, Google chrome ver 80 showed me this notification




But Edge insider browser didn't. Version 81.0.363.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

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Hi again,
there is a new update to this:

"For users of high contrast themes in Windows, Edge now supports high contrast themes as well! It will follow the theme you’ve chosen in the OS Settings and brings us back to parity with the support offered in Edge Legacy. "
This is great! Developers for the win 👏🏼👏🏼