Hide/disable the favorites bar programmatically for new tab windows

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Is there a way to automatically hide/disable the favorites bar programmatically on startup with flags, selenium or other way? I know that from the options it can be disabled but when it is started with selenium the setting will be ignored and it will reappear. 

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@bnagy It always hides the icon if you do my steps via Settings (I think options, as you call it)

1. Type edge://settings in your search bar
2. Go to Appearance
3. Scroll down to "Customize Toolbar"
4. Turn off "Show favorites button"

@Kammy problem is not related to the favorite button, I have issues with the favorite bar, I know I can disable from the settings, but when I open edge with selenium it will reappear and it will change the page sizes(please find the attached picture). This is why I want to disable it via selenium or command line argument or somehow programmatically.



Somehow? Ok, Edge should have a coding studio or something.

@KamI think you misunderstood something, I want to start edge with automation using selenium and hide or disable the favorites bar. I want to do this from code via a command line argument or a selenium option if possible. I wanted to ask if something like this exists because nothing is documented on this topic by Microsoft.

@bnagy Oh, ok. Now I get it. I don't think anything like that exists.