hide Close tab button on background tabs until hover, like old Edge!

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One of the nice little things I like about the old Edge is that it would hide the Close tab button on background tabs until you hovered over the tab with your cursor. Safari for macOS also does this. Please make the new Chromium based Edge do this too! It's a small but nice way of keeping the UI clean and focused. Also, slightly more of tab titles would be visible, which is really nice too.


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Great suggestion :thumbs_up:
it's these tiny little details that give the Edge an Edge (pun intended) over other browsers.
personally, I really like that the close tab buttons are shown. I have a touchscreen laptop and use touch to close tabs sometimes.
I read a Chrome developer say that with tablets, users often accidentally close background tabs, so they are considering removing the close button with background tabs for the tablet version of the UI