Hidden gems in the iPhone Edge app

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I was checking the Settings on my iPhone's Edge app earlier, wondering if there were any that could have been synced from my PC. There were none. However, I did discover a couple of hidden gems in the Advanced Settings. There is a section for Siri Shortcuts. In there, you find two prebuilt Shortcuts that you can activate on your iPhone. The first one gets Siri to open the first news article from Microsoft News. The second one gets Siri to use Edge's image search. I have tried both to see how they work. The first one is pretty useless (to me) but the second one is great. I want more.


Great idea, Microsoft! You're using iOS Shortcuts to force Siri to use Microsoft products. I love that idea. 

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Thanks for sharing this find. I think once/if we get more commands added there will probably be a blog or new article on it made. 


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