HEVC video decoding broken with B-frames

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When Edge Chromium playing HEVC video, sometimes video will be similar to stuttering but audio is normal.


To find out the cause of the problem, I test to playback many HEVC video, include videos with and without B-frames. Finally found that only the video with B-frames had problems.


Play HEVC video with B-frames frame by frame, after decoding and outputting a B-frame, the next frame will return to the referenced I-frame or P-frame.


It is puzzling that in Edge Legacy, HEVC video with B-frames plays normally.


So what happened in Edge Chromium?

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you need to use the latest dev edge+ 1.0.50361
thank you
is latest dev version 100?
yes dev100 + 50361

Can confirm it works now on Edge beta v99 + HEVC extension 1.0.50631. Just wait a few more days for the Stable release v99.

I can confirm on my end that it seems to be fixed! I don't notice any glitches when I tested it today.

Edge version: 99.0.1150.30 (Official build) (64-bit)
HEVC extension version: 1.0.50361.0