HEVC video decoding broken with B-frames

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When Edge Chromium playing HEVC video, sometimes video will be similar to stuttering but audio is normal.


To find out the cause of the problem, I test to playback many HEVC video, include videos with and without B-frames. Finally found that only the video with B-frames had problems.


Play HEVC video with B-frames frame by frame, after decoding and outputting a B-frame, the next frame will return to the referenced I-frame or P-frame.


It is puzzling that in Edge Legacy, HEVC video with B-frames plays normally.


So what happened in Edge Chromium?

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What do you meam by that, you got a reponse?
i actually have the HVEC codec (yes i have paid it and the video player of microsoft read it perfectly), but the stuttering remain in edge.

@Deleted if you add you email you are warned on the report change



That's good to know, i assume if it's getting fixed we will see it first in canary
Yeah, it does that for every feedback that they received it. If you get a reponse for your feedback or workig on it. Means they are working on it and investigating
Well it used to be under a flag but that is no more around :(
They remove expired flags, but there are flags that will bring back expired flags, for a limited time

Keep us updated and lets hope they will pick up the issue. Otherwise I have to compile Chromium myself with the HEVC coded enabled. But that is a pain.

Edit: I totally didn't see the second page. My bad lol

Please share it with us if/when you do that :D

If it won't get fixed and I manage and have time trying to do that I will :D

Okay, cool!!

Do other browsers work with this HVEC? I dont' see much of this HVEC around, why do you guys want this so badly?

Yes, I willl send followup if someone responds.

If anyone wants to upvote this feedback in feedbackhub since maybe windows team needs to get involved.
Because HEVC is super optimized, less file size, higher quality


Here you can see the browser support, other than Edge only Safari supports it




HEVC is around a lot. Its just not as popular on webpages because a lot of browsers don't support it. A lot of the video's I own are in HEVC. It is the successor to h264 and the file sizes can be smaller compared to h264 at the same visual quality.

I don't have access to the feedback : (

That error means your Microsoft account is not registered in Windows insider program.
non-insiders can't view insider feedbacks, and Vice Versa.
Oh I didn't know that. Thank you for explaining.
You're welcome!
Sorry guys, I dont' ahve a insdier built to send to you guys> :(