Here is how to IMPROVE Microsoft Launcher NEWS feed on the left side

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Launchers using Google Feed has an advantage and it's the accurate news feed personalized for each user in Google's news feed (left side swipe menu).

It's understandable, people using Google search engine more often than they use Bing engine, that gives Google more data to mine and gives Google more information about people so they can more accurately personalize the news feed for each person based on their interests, specially based on their web activity.


Microsoft Launcher is honestly beautiful, feature rich and Great. but it's news feed is not accurate enough, compared to Google feed, it's only 50% accurate, most of the news are hit and miss, not very much personalization. for example when I watch Stranger Things series and then do some web search or YouTube video search for the cast or go to a few IMDB pages, then after few hours, my Google Feed would show me trailers of the new season of Stranger Things series, or show me relevant and good news about the cast.

Google feed already knows I'm into Windows 10 so it shows me Very relevant and Useful articles that are new to me about Windows 10. all this means there are very heavy data mining going on in the background but that's good because it produces useful results. it would be even better if Microsoft was able to do the same and use that data.


Here is HOW to improve it


Google saves users' activity online in a unified place here:


If Microsoft makes an agreement with Google to let Microsoft Launcher app have permission (Only if the user fully and explicitly agrees) to access user's web activity in their Google accounts, then Microsoft can use that data to accurately personalize the news feed for each person.

that data belongs to the user, Not Google, so the user should be able (if he/she wants to) to give Microsoft access to use that data to personalize news feed for him/her.




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Why doesn't Microsoft simply allow me to select my News sources v. thinking they can make that decision for me based on my activity and searches?

Any suggestions on how to contact Microsoft with this request?
Hi, thanks for your feedback! We have made some improvements. Please try the latest preview version.

@Ann_Yao_680 Unless I missed the the feature in the config settings, the latest Preview version isn't any better - I can't select my News sources.

I have to agree Microsoft launcher is lacking when it comes to hitting a person's personal interest. When there is a topic you have interest in you should have an option of selecting if you want more or less of the same topic
There are very few news topics you can select. I would like an audio option

Hi@Reg_Ault, thanks for your feedback. We will try to combine it with our R&D, in order to provide a better production. 

@Ann_Yao_680 , Reg_Ault Microsoft really needs to improve this feature in Launcher.  I User needs to be able to select their own News sources and tailor them to the User needs and NOT just rely on Microsoft's developers to determine what a User should see. 

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I couldn't agree more. I have paid subscriptions that I can't use at all. At this point, best way is to build my own rss widget and add it to Glance and remove the News Reader.

Thanks for your great suggestion. We value your feedback and we'll try to combine it with our R&D, in order to provide a better production.
WHY i cant Add the nfl to my Source? I'm livin in germany but I'm always got the Suggestion to Add fussball (soccer) which I'm not intrested in. I'm a American Football (and 49ers) Fan since 1989 and cant Add it to the news feed. Not even on the bing Web or somewhere at the ms Universe. Also the Source 'digital' is somewhat crappy. I WANT to Add sources which are really for IT pros and more on the Digital Side of live. Can u help? Thx in advance