Help! Dev updated from 87 to 88 after an OS update comp restart, lost session, local storage

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Previous Edge Dev on my laptop was apparently 87.0.658.0. On Nov 12 around 2:30am or so my time, even though I had put my laptop to sleep W10 decided to force restart after an update was downloaded, which also triggered the browser update to v88 that was pending. Normally when opening Edge Dev after such a restart I could get my windows and their tabs back either just by opening (I turned on "continue where I left off" or whatever it's called now in settings a long time ago) or by the popup "Edge didn't shut down correctly, restore?" (or whatever the text is) with Restore button. Neither of these two were available, and the history did not show ANY of these windows like they were supposed to (i.e. entries of "N tabs" for each window) so I couldn't restore these windows through that mechanism either.


I can find the last session file from the v87 snapshot that somehow was lucky enough to stick around, however, and have been in the process of writing a SNSS-format session file parser based on the Python-based Chromagnon project on GitHub to get my tabs back. Losing the open windows hurts less knowing that I can still recover them from this session file, but on top of that, all my local storage is cleared out. I have not been able to find the old local storage within the Edge Dev %LOCALAPPDATA% at all, and the local storage of the currently active v88 is not giving me any useful results.


Please either direct me on how to recover my previous local storage or how to properly rollback to that v87 that had that local storage intact, thanks.

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the only way i can tell you to try is try you local data to a fresh install of the stable one (87.0.664.41), it maybe can do the trick if not i don't know if on dev it's possible to rollback :\
I don't expect a "clean" install of anything is going to restore my old local storage, especially if it's of a different distribution channel. Edge Chromium Stable created a folder in %LOCALAPPDATA% when it replaced pre-Chromium Edge on my laptop and Edge Dev has its own folder, as well as apparently an earlier attempt at Edge Beta. In addition, the 87.0.658.0 folder in Snapshots doesn't have a Local Storage folder at all to search through.
Have you been using History and Open tabs sync that are available in Edge dev and Canary?
Dev channel got updated from 87 to 88 a long time ago, Dev is about to move ti version 89 now. something is not right here...

I'm pretty sure those sync options are turned on for me, as when my Surface updated to Edge Chromium it brought over all of that. It did not bring over local storage, however, and I want to stress that local storage is the thing I want to recover most here.
If your Surface received the update to replace Edge legacy with the new Edge, you have the Edge stable, and it doesn't currently have History and Open tabs sync, it's still in Dev and Canary channels, the next version of Edge, version 88, will most likely bring those last remaining sync features to Edge stable.

your local storage resides in Edge's profile directory, you can get it from here:
edge://version/ in the "Profile path:"

I still don't know how your computer was sleep for a month, Edge Dev 87 is very old. like I said next one will probably be 89. and it usually takes 1.5 month between each version.

about your restart, use Windows 10 latest version, then go to Settings =>update & security => Windows update => Advanced options => make sure this is off "restart this device as soon as ...."
I held off on manually restarting Edge Dev when the v88 update first came in, mainly because I was actually using the browser for stuff and I didn't want to deal with the usual "out-of-graphics-memory when trying to reopen my windows" in the middle of me trying to be productive. Since maybe v84 this has been a regular occurrence when restarting while having 10 windows of almost 800 tabs total open, but that's a separate issue entirely from the local storage problem I'm trying to solve.

Found the "Local Storage" folder in the profile path but like I said it doesn't have the data that was in v87, and the Snapshot of v87 doesn't have a Local Storage folder at all, just Sessions (which is how I was able to get the last session which I'm still in the process of recovering).
Well, I don't think there is any way to recover it unless you have a backup of your C drive from a previous time. not sure with you mean by "snapshot of v87"

these problems are normal in Dev/Canary channels and expected to happen, less common in Beta channel and so on.

Try not to keep browser open for long periods of time. Chromium browsers aren't supposed to be like that. (Edge, Chrome etc) they all receive important security updates regularly, apart from maintenance and feature updates, and for updates to be applied browser needs to be restarted.

History and Open tabs sync are enabled at the moment for majority of Edge Dev/Canary users, (v88 and v89). the truth is, if you had upgraded your Edge dev update on time, you would have received these sync features and your history, session, open tabs would be available on the cloud.

Re "snapshot of v87" - I found that when it updates, some data of the previous version is stored in a folder called Snapshots in the profile folder. Unfortunately, Local Storage is not among them.

Re sync - I'm less concerned with sync features right now because I found the session file and can parse it programmatically to get what I need right now.

I understand very clearly that there were a lot of things I could have done in hindsight to avoid this problem. That being said, it's obvious I didn't do them, but local storage was still deleted during the restart+update process and I disagree with the program's choice to not even attempt to retain a backup of it with the other data.
There are missing details about the whole incident and it's a large timeframe.
if you can salvage your data then that's good, and you already know how you can prevent it in the future.
Edge dev might have backed up data somewhere and it got lost due to something, it's vague because like I said Edge dev was open for too long.
Edge dev is work in progress; everyone installs it accepts the terms of service, there can be open and ongoing bugs in it.