heavy power usage after last update

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After last big update of microsoft edge dev edition its using more ram cpu and more power usage than ago. is there anyone else having this issue ? i attached a ss of it 

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Go to browser task manager and see what is using the most CPU

press SHIFT + ESC in Edge to open the task manager



problem is  my edge dev browser 

see my screenshot i provided @HotCakeX 

post a screenshot of the Edge task manager, Not Windows task manager.

here it is @HotCakeX 

Let's see what's going on in the browser that is using so much CPU. I have the same Edge version and it's not happening to me.






-Do you experience the same high CPU usage when you start Edge without going to any website?

-is Facebook the only website that causes high CPU usage?

-what are your system specs and Windows 10 build info?

1.  no i dont face when i start edge without opening any websites

2. actually yap actually i found out now

3. ryzen 3 2200g

corsair vengence lpx 16gb ddr4 2400mhz ram

zotac gtx 1050ti oc edition

windows 10 version 1909 (os built 18363.592)  @HotCakeX 

So high CPU only happens on Facebook,
well you can try few things:

1. check your extensions, try to temporarily disable all of them, close/reopen Edge, go to Facebook and see if the problem is solved: edge://extensions/

2. if step 1 didn't solve it, try disabling your hardware acceleration from Edge settings: edge://settings/system
and then try step 1 again.

3. if you are still having problem, try fully uninstall Edge dev (choose to delete user data when you are asked during uninstall), make sure you have Sync enabled: edge://settings/profiles/sync
and then install it again

please report back your findings
thanks it works. i reinstalled it and problem solved untill now. thanks bro
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Happy to hear, you're welcome :)

well problem returns and the problem happens with facebook only and i tested with other browser and result is same @HotCakeX 

Oh other browsers are having the same problem only with Facebook?

hmm that's interesting.

couple of things come to my mind:

1. your AV program is scanning the secure Facebook connections and for some reason it is causing high CPU usage.

2. something installed in your computer is causing the high CPU usage.

3. maybe depending on what you are doing in Facebook, your high CPU usage is normal. for example if you are playing games or viewing lots of videos, pics etc.


btw which other browsers did you try?

1. i have default windows 10 defender  

2. i uninstall every unnecessary apps from system 

3. ya  i watch lots of video in fb 

 i m thinking reinstalling windows 



But what if you reinstall your Windows, in the first few days everything work ok and then suddenly the problem returns?

you can try one last thing, install Kaspersky security cloud free, set the scanning level to maximum and scan your entire computer once, see if it detects anything, it's worth the try


p.s update it first before doing the scan

allrighhty then.

in case you're not familiar with Kaspersky settings, here are some screenshots that hopefully can help