header styles not properly displayed in collections notes

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While editing a note, if you choose some header styles ( either "header 1" or "header 2" or "header 3" or "paragraph" ) , they are properly displayed in the note , until the note is saved ( through the "check" icon in the note toolbar ) ; then , all header formatting is lost ; however , the bold , italic , underline and bullet list styles seem to be saved ) .


before savingbefore saving







after savingafter saving






It is a regression that appears both in the "dev" channel ( 93.0.933.1 ) and in the stable channel ( 91.0.864.67 ) whereas it worked before ( even if I don't precisely remember since when it stopped working ) .

Am I the only one to see this ?


Thank you for reading ( and also fixing it )


p.s. : I already filled a bug report in the feedback menu item


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