Happy holidays and happy new year from the Microsoft Edge team!



Cartoon Microsoft engineers working on Edge, with blue, green and teal lights around an image with the browser launch screenCartoon Microsoft engineers working on Edge, with blue, green and teal lights around an image with the browser launch screen



Hello, Insiders! The Edge team wanted to take this moment to thank you for a great year. We cannot do it without you, and look forward to see how you help us shape the browser in 2021.


We hope you have a safe, happy holiday season and new year. We'll see you all back here in January where you can expect to see some updates to these forums, more implementations of your top feedback, and more!


Happy Holidays!

The Microsoft Edge Team

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@MissyQ I think it makes us look like Doctors diagnosing our patient. :)

Merry Chirstmas Edge team!! You did a great job and cant wait for next year :)



Thank you Edge team, you've been awesome in the past year, Merry early Christmas and happy holidays!

I think we the users received your gift already which is the new cool themes for the browser. :hearteyes:

@johnjansen But...but they have scarves!! (I wanted onesies, but that was difficult; we tried sweaters, and ended up here, haha.) :xd:

@MissyQ Thank you Insiders! Hope your holidays are spectacular!

+1 @MissyQ.
The community has great in guiding and supporting the Edge team.

Thank you!! 

Yes, thank you Insiders!
This insider community has been the best! Your detailed feedback has saved me countless hours of investigation, and beyond that you've helped me catch issues before they make it to our Stable channel.

Literally couldn't do my job without you all, thank you so much!

To everyone working in the Edge team, I want to take this moment to thank each one of you for the work that you have done to the browser, especially adjusting to the remote work trend, and delivering a huge set of features to the browser.

Your work has helped to grow the browser in every horizon and help established the identity of Edge as an all-round browser. The effect of Edge is tremendous for Microsoft and the Microsoft ecosystem, and I am sure that users will be for the treat when they receive the Edge 88 update after the holidays!


Since I have come across this advice from various Microsoft employees on Twitter (shout out to Scott Hanselman), and would repeat it once again for you all, just sign out from work account from your devices, set them aside, and enjoy the holidays! 


Happy Holidays, and an incredibly Happy New Year to the team members and fellow insiders! Can't wait to be back again next year! :stareyes:

@MissyQ Happy holidays! Thanks so much!

Hey there, @MissyQ 


Thanks! Happy holidays to you guys too!



I just joined and it's a pleasure to meet you'ins.  I hope each and ever one of y'all has the best Christmas and New Year ya ever had.@MissyQ 

Seasonal Greetings and a very prosperous and Happy New Year 2021, The Year of the Ox.


Sending you all my very best wishes, to The Microsoft Team, the contributors to this forum, without you there would not be one, and to all the users of Windows Edge.


Wishing you Good Fortune, Good Luck and most of all Good Health in the Year to come, together with asking the sacred things to protect you, keep you safe and sound.


Warm regards from Sunny Thailand,


Win jap.gif


P.S. A Windows 7 user.

@Kan-Win Year of the Ox?! Thanks for the Chinese class! xD

P.S. I thought it was Microsoft Edge, not Windows Edge.

@Kam it's 5.am in the morning, X-cues me passifier.gif

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and the Microsoft Edge team too :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Belated, Merry Christmas and a Great New Year to come to you all as well!