GTK+ theme Microsoft Edge

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Hi, when I create a new profile on Edge (only when I open the new profile tab for the first time) there is also GTK + in the themes section. However, this theme is not normally found in the Microsoft Egde default themes. Is this a bug or is it a new future feature? Thanks for the support.
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which Edge channel/version are you using?
could you attach a screenshot?


Thank you for your answer.


I'm using Edge Linux Version 89.0.767.0 (Official Build) dev (64-bit).

In the screenshot you can see the GTK+ theme. It only appears when I create a new profile and only the first time you open the new profile page.

Thanks for the screenshot,
it can be a bug in dev channel, tried to reproduce it on version 89.0.773.0 Windows but couldn't, please file a feedback for it using the feedback button on Edge :)
Thank you very much. I've already sent a report.