Groups are not draggable in lastest editions of Edge

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My previous post here about my pinned tabs and groups restoring to random window instances led me to discover this next problem (see Resume not remember location of pinned tabs and groups - Microsoft Tech Community).  The problem is that groups cannot be drug from the window they are in and merged to another window.  


You have a window with multiple groups of multiple tabs (say for a popular online MMO where you play many character types and you want to keep all the tabs about those character types together).  ;)  You have other general game-related tabs in that window as well.


You restart Edge.  it moves all those groups to another random window and leaves all the single, non-grouped tabs together in another browser window.  When you go to drag the group out of the new window Edge acts like it successfully makes a new window:  all the tabs populate, they stay in their group, they refresh, and you can scroll up and down the in focus tab.  You also maintain mouse movement.  But then everything else freezes.  You can't select another tab, you can't select anything on the Explorer or the desktop, etc.  When you start to summon task manager with the ctrl key suddenly Edge snaps back to life, puts the group back into the old window like nothing happened and you are back to where you started.


You can right slick on a group and open it in a new window, but that spawns multiple windows that you can't then recombine because of the above behavior.

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So, I am having a similar issue. Where if I try to make take a tab and make it into its own window. While moving the tab out of the current window my entire desktop freezes except the mouse. Previously I would press windows button to resume control of my computer. However after reading the post from @Michael Jones I notice that if you press any single keystroke, it will give me back control of my pc.

Good to know it's any key. I'd only used the Ctrl key since it's the first in the infamous 3 finger salute to get Task Manager to come up. LOL