Great Job So Far, Still Needs Some Work

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Hey @Elliot Kirk First off I just want to say for something this new, all of you on the Edge Dev team have done such a great job updating the community and the app itself. I am especially excited about what was announced at Build this week. That being said, there are definitely some things that really ought to be added to the browser. First off, spell check (yes I am aware it is on the roadmap, but still, its been a month). Another thing to consider is adding back in some of the core Edge functionalities such a OneNote annotations, tab saving, etc. These are what made that version of the browser much better, and almost made up for the issues with web browsing. Finally, perhaps add in some native support for themes and/or more new tab page options. These are more quality of life sort of things, but the ability to customize this was one of the main draws for me of Chrome. These are just some ideas, but what I will say is that I find myself using Edge a lot more than I used to, which is nice to see judging how much of a mess it was with when it was completely in-house.

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Hi @AWESDUDEdev, thanks for the kind words.  It feels great when we get this kind of feedback from our customers!  As for spellcheck, that should now be available for everyone (we were rolling it out in a controlled roll-out to ensure that it didn't break anything else).  As for the suggestions about OneNote, SetAside Tabs and Themes, I will add these to the feedback I send to the feature teams.