GPO: Home button and home page URL

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I've enabled two GPO to display the Home Button and to configure the Home Page URL.home button.png

Is it possible to enforce the use of the Home page URL instead of the New Tab page when home button is pressed ?



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Hi there,
Are you using the Edge Dev?
it seems like the GPO responsible for showing home button is taking effect but the other GPO responsible for pointing Home button to a custom URL is kinda malfunctioning. it successfully set the custom URL but it's failing to make Home button to actually use that custom URL.

Have you tried configuring those settings in 1 GPO instead of 2?
it might as well just be a bug.




I use Edge Beta. My description was not accurate, the two settings are in one GPO.

Can you test it with Edge Dev? it's a lot more newer than Beta and has more bug fixes.



Same behaviour with dev version .

@LMichel, Thank you for alerting us to this issue.  I will reach out to the team that works on policies and see what they can do here.  Thanks - Elliot


I had the same issue.

You have to set the following GPO too:

HomepageIsNewTabPage = disabled (false)




@IvoNWZ Hello, Many thanks for the info. Is there a group policy setting to configure this ?

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@LMichel Yes, there is a  Group Policy setting for this.

You have to use the PolicyDefinitions from the Edge Insider Enterprise site (


User Policy - Administrative Templates - Microsoft Edge - Startup, home page and new tab page:

Set the new tab page as the home page = Disabled



Hello. Many thank, it works !.


I'm not a native English speaker but the description of the setting seems not to be very clear.


Configures the default home page in Microsoft Edge. You can set the home page to a URL you specify or to the new tab page.

If you enable this policy, the new tab page is always used for the home page, and the home page URL location is ignored.

If you disable this policy, the user's home page can't be the new tab page, unless the URL is set to 'edge://newtab'.