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Clark Sayers
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It would be great if I could add a new profile based on my Google (Gmail) address?


Further could we import existing profiles from Google Chrome into Edge?




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@Clark Sayers 


Howdy! Fantastic question, one that I've actually been asking.

So that option to add a Gmail address is actually there, but the final sync doesn't yet work. That is a planned future update, so keep an eye out for it.

Having said that, there are no official announcements being made on either of those features, but I would advise to keep an eye on the "cutting edge" page were added new features are announced.


Hi @Eddie_B,

How do I add a gmail email address now? In the profile settings when I choose to "Sign In" the only email addresses are accounts registered to the machine or an existing Microsoft Account.



Hello @Clark Sayers

that option is not currently available. Additional sync options are in the works for the future, so I would advise to keep an eye on "Straight from the common edge" for updates on new features as they are added.

Thank you  for you interest in the Microsoft Edge Preview browser builds! Much more exciting features and options to come!