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I recently opened a PDF that was saved in my Google Drive, and the PDF viewer showed the first page underneath the rest of the PDF.


PDF Viewer.PNG


The PDF is still readable and scrolls properly, while the underlying first page stays in the same spot consistently. This behavior is not happening on Opera or normal Edge.


Edit: This only happens part of the time. i.e. If I refresh the page once it will fix the problem, if I refresh it again it will happen again. There is no pattern that I can see at the moment.

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So I tried to produce the same problem and finally did it. it doesn't happen when you click on a PDF file from your Google drive panel ( it works fine here, if you just click on a PDF in there it will just load it fine.

the problem only happens when you open the PDF file on a standalone tab of its own (Open in new window), which has a URL of something like this: (
so first time it's fine but then I refreshed that tab and it gave me a layered PDF view which is 2 files on top of each other like the screenshot i attached.

and it kept happening every other page refresh.


Annotation 2019-08-23 110712.png