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I just noticed that in using Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge (both the DEV and Stable release channels) that Chrome is much more responsive and faster

Microsoft Edge takes a long time to load pages where as Chrome loads them in much less time.


Has anyone else noticed it?

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@Vinod Jacob 


So with my attempts up to now in different Pc where I have installed Edge and Chrome, exactly the opposite is the case.
Edge makes a "second crack" when charging, but it is much easier to navigate.

Of course, it also depends on which side you have as the loading side.

If you have google Search as the main page, then edge is a "bit" slower than chrome, but if you use the default main page then Edge is definitely faster. At least try on my pc.
What I "felt" is that when I first installed Chrome on the PC, Edge is about the same speed, but when I first installed Egde in the PC, Edge is faster ... but only felt.
To be honest, in the beginning I was not at all happy with the Edge, a lot of problems and uncomfortable for me as a user. But now I can slowly say that the Edge has won me, I do most of the work with him, especially when it comes to PDF, it's great.


Kudos to the Edge team, Great! Go on!

If the team continues to make such positive changes in the Edge, I can already say that it will conquer the market.

All of this is just my humble opinion and my experience so far.
Maybe that doesn't mean much for someone, but for me it said everything.


Thanks for your time to read my comment until the end.



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@Vinod Jacob 

Nope, never experienced such thing.

I actually see that Edge loads pages faster than chrome and is more responsive.

I've never loaded a website and though like ..oh, this page could load faster than chrome!


Edge is like chrome, on steroids.