Google Analytics Reports Blocked By In-built Memory Protection?

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Good afternoon,


I've been experiencing an issue with the last couple of builds of Edge Insider where any report I try to access on Google Analytics is blocked. Is this something anyone else has come across? Is this an Edge issue or a Chromium issue? I've not experienced this on Chrome.  Are there any work-arounds or any flags I can check to disable this type of protection on this domain? 


GA reports often use an insane amount of memory (on any browser) so it would be nice to have some form of override allowing me to continue using this browser for work tasks. Happy to provide further details if needed.


See the screenshot below. 


Build: Version 88.0.702.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)





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it's the heavy ads intervention it seems who have blocked it

try to disable this and restart your browser it should do the tricks
@barxy It's not even an issue, MS Edge is trying to prevent your computer from getting hot (because Google uses a LOT of CPU to run its ads)...
This did it, thanks for your help!
GA isn't an Ad. Its a web app that i want to access. Thanks anyway.