Google account sign in on website broken

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Curious if anyone has seen this issue, and maybe has a solution.


When utilizing Google as a sign on option for websites (like imgur or doordash), the login will not properly complete and sign you into the website with your Google account. It works perfectly in Chrome, but not in the latest Edge dev build. 

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Are you using any extensions that could interfere with that? or using tracking prevention at strict level?

I feel both silly and annoyed that was the problem. Turned it off strict and that fixed it.


Thanks for the help!

Oh don't worry, you're welcome :)

We use google oauth on our website and unless I changed the tracking prevention to basic, it wouldn't work. I tried adding both our site and anything google to the exceptions on balanced tracking but that made no difference.


I noticed that basic says any sites you haven't been to before, so after successfully logging in with OAUTH, I tried going back to balanced tracking (the default) but it still wouldn't let me login with OAUTH.


The steps are:

  • Click on Google for authentication on our site
  • Brings up Google login popup
  • Select account
  • Popup disappears and nothing happens. No errors in our logs either.


Works on Chrome, non Beta Edge, Firefox etc.