Going back to previous page does not refresh the information

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1- Browse to a vBulletin forum or any other site that uses Bold characters to indicate which links have been visited.

2- Click on a link in Bold.

3- Come back to the previous page. The page information does not get reloaded and there is no way to know which links have been visited and which ones havent..


The same thing happens with YouTube's subscriptions page. Viewing a video, and then returning to the video list does not update the WATCHED information (red progress bar with the word WATCHED in the left corner).

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Thank you for the feedback @NicolSD. If you refresh the pages, do the links show up as visited?

@Elliot Kirk  -- No they don't. It's as if the page was never refreshed. It's exactly the way it was before I clicked on the link.

Hmm. I can file a bug on this. Can you suggest a page that this is occuring on.

@Elliot Kirk You were too fast. I had made a mistake. The links do show properly after I refresh the page.

@Elliot Kirk -- Go to YouTube. Click on a link to a short video. Watch it. Backtrack to the page that showed the video link. It will not appear as watched. Refresh the page and it will have the red bar and the words WATCHED.

OK Thank you @NicolSD for clearing this up.
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