Global media controls removed in Version 85.0.529.0 (and 528.0 before it) Canary?

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Good afternoon.


Issue in subject field above.

The controls no longer appear on the toolbar, even though the related flags are enabled.


Everyone else seeing this?

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@pedroaboim yeah, can't see it either, it's weird though other options for media controls are there, but not the actual global media controls.

I hope you this is a bug since I always use the media control, especially when in Canary where I have to restart the browser whenever I get updates.




@pedroaboim I'm seeing the same too. Canary 85.0.531.0

Seems this just got fixed on the latest Canary build, Just upgraded to 85.0.542.0. And I now see the setting in flags again. :stareyes: